Was Mathutils... answered, but I still have another related question about methods

Because importing Mathutils works in 2.49b, but only gives errors in 2.5.

If it was never ported then it would be nice to bring it to 2.5 as soon as possible, without it all games that use it in 2.49b are crippled and a number of game mechanics are much harder to do.

Or is it in 2.5 and I just don’t know how to access it?

Please confirm either way.


I am pretty sure it is in in 2.5, what kind of errors are you getting?


Mathutils was renamed to mathutils to follow Python module naming conventions.

If you open up the console window in 2.5 (not the external window, look in the header options) it says that bpy.Mathutils is automatically imported.

Keep in mind that a lot of functionality has changed in the mathutils library though, and some of the old functionality has been passed off to the geometry library.

mathutils is not automatically imported for the BGE. At least, not for the external player.

Okay, it works now, but what are the replacements to the methods toMatrix(), and toEular() since they no longer apparently work in 2.5?

It looks like they have been renamed to to_matrix() and to_euler():