Was there a past problem with the dope sheet feature?


I wanted to get some information, I recall having watched a clip via the video site youtube about the dope sheets a few weeks back, and keyframe parts of the animation setup, from what I can remember, the narrater of the clip mentioned something about Dope sheets going missing if they weren’t clicked as single users?

The video was a number of years back.

I don’t have the linkt to this clip, but if there is a historic problem with this, what exactly was it?

As far as I know a rig dope sheet is still there in the file, save, close and open file, just as there is for another file.

I imagine what ever the man was on about in the clip was a historic problem, than anything that would concern version 2.75.

Using the action editor you generally add a fake user to the action. This is because the action is deleted from the editor so it isn’t applied as a normal animation, but it might not yet have any action constraints referencing it. It’s just kind of a safety step to ensure that your actions don’t go missing.

This has happened to me before, before I understood what the action editor was. Thanks for reminding me! I’ll be working with it again in the coming weeks. I think what I was doing then (about a year ago, not a long time, really) was making a few basic loops just to see if I could, and when opening the file only the “current” one would still be there.

It’s not really a bug or a problem, just a consequence of Blender’s saving code (which keeps files from saving junk, after all). If you don’t already know, Blender automatically deletes anything without a user from a file when you close it- this can cause a lot of strife when working with images and materials (for example, if you paint a few textures then save & quit before using them somehow; or if you make a bunch of materials on a shader ball and don’t apply them to it). Always remember to save a fake user to anything you don’t want to lose.

This menu here is the example.

Well whether there is another user or what ever the rig data remained.