was to be renderosity contest.. but i chickened cause i suck


So how should I fix? the ghosts are post-processed a touch… but the rest…
I dunno… i don’t like the lighting… texturing… any of it.

suggestions and stuffs anyone?

hmmm… To me it’s a nice scene with great potential, and not badly done at all. But concerning the issues, here’s what I would try.


for the lamps on the wall: keep a high energy value but decrease dramatically the distance value.

set an inner lamp in each of your ghost. A lamp with sphere turn on should be sufficient. Again, high energy and low distance.

if you used AO, try an enery around 0.4-0.6


all your textures should come ‘better’ with a darker light setting. Keep them like it for the moment. edit: give the tentacles a proper texture, the actual shader doesn’t work. Moreover, everything is too clean, you should try to dirty the setting, if you can.

Perhaps should you give more expression on tthe woman’s face on the stool. Somewhat cold and/or wax to me (I always have this trouble myself). Cool hairs. Would you mind telling us which method you used to do tehm?

Way to go, this pic has potential. :slight_smile:

Like olivS said, it has potentional. I agree with all of his suggestions except for the expression on the face, that is fine as is.
Your ghosts are casting shadows? Just my opinion, but I don’t think they should.
Your spider web isn’t very obvious, and maybe you could add some more around…