wash basin

That`s what I´ve done today. It took me about 4 hours. But for now I think, I leave this as it is… What do you guys think of it - any idea, how I can make it look more realistic??

I used Yafray for this scene.

  • Tomo


impressive for doing it in 4 hours

Thank you! First I just wanted a simple wash basin without anything around. but after a while, I decided to make it more complex.

That´s the new rendering. I changed a few things… Maybe it is now better? I´ll try to use the ambient occlusion - Perhaps it will be more realistic…


Here is my newest version of this scene. Now it looks a lot more realistic - using ambient occlusion. I added also more details…


That last version is a bit dark but it does look better.
Maybe make the wash basin material less reflective? It looks a little slightly too shiny/mirror-like/brand-new, compared to the tiles on the wall that looks old and a bit dirty.
The bowl could use some more subdivisions, the vertices are visible on the edges (well, ok, only if you look very closely :smiley: )

Great improvement with second version indeed.

If you are using Global Illumination, try turning down the lights and turn up GI Power.

So here is my newest update of the scene. I added some depth to the walls, using a height-map.

What do you guys think of it??


You should put this in the WIP forum.

aloha tomo, how is the padawan doing^^

you added the (kelle and schneebesen) hahaha.

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