Wash time

Hi Guy’s, this is one I’ve been waiting to finish for some time. It started as a test of water phisics, and grew from there. All modeling done in Blender and rendered in cycles, no post production. I originaly posted it last year in its early stage, but thought I’d update the post with the final scene.

The materials looks great! The toothbrush hair is also very nice. Great job!

Thanks ShadowCamero.

I’m impressed with many things of this bathroom scene. I think the water came out nicely and all the models look well done. Even the blinds look like you put that extra effort in … nice job on this.

Really cool!

Thanks for the great feed back harleynut,. Much appreciated.

Thanks LiMubei.

Can you share blend file?

Sorry PiotrMP006, its a bit on the large side for upload.

Try to upload to http://www.filedropper.com/ (max 5GB)