Wash Your Table Foot

Hey people!

This is a very fun project I was invited to collaborate with an illustration that would feature on this Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/laveoditocujo/ (The profile is in Portuguese, but you can enjoy the images and guess what some of the words are referring to!)

Lave o Dito Cujo (which more or less translates to Wash Your Thing) is a illustration project in which every day of the year an artist contributes an image related to one of the several names people give to the penis. :joy: The whole purpose is to raise awareness of penile cancer and simple ways to avoid it.

Head over to my Instagram profile to see some close-up shots: instagram.com/lfduduch

Also follow the project profile on Instagram, which is super cool and creative, and while you’re doing so take the time to learn more about the subject!
I myself was surprised to learn that there are so many people around that do not wash their own table foot! :joy:

I used Blender for modelling, rendering and some of the texturing. ZBrush for sculpting. Substance Painter for texturing. And Photoshop for post-production.