Washday!(SoftBody animation)


Concept is a typically TVCM of laundry soaps in japan.
Test for SoftBody and fake collision with ForceField in bf-blender CVS4/4 ver.
Thank you bullx for the nice technic. :wink:

C&C welcome.

wow, that looks pretty neat…i have to say though…it seems like the cloth is moving a little fast…but still…it looks amazing :]

is moving to fast,the character is very cool.

Wow, that is really cool. I’m putting another vote in for being to fast. Is she trying to scare someone? Anyway that is an awesome toon shader. Really neat :smiley:

The cloth was too fast, but very good anyways. It did have some clipping through one another.

The character is the real star of the scene. Great shaders and modeling on her!

Thank you for comments.

Cloth is fast…I agree. It looks there is no air resistance. I’ll try to use damp value or wind generator.

Is she trying to scare someone?

Yes, she tried it. I didn’t think about someone scared or not, but then they began to laugh. :slight_smile:

look very nice, but the animation looks to be too speed !!
very interesent, wait to see more !

you have to find a way to make it look less like rubber, but it’s a nice nresult.

The problem is that there is no lead-in time. Otherwise I like it. The little girl is cute… perhaps a little more contrast on the face so that you can see the mouth and blush better.

I quite like this :slight_smile:
Im not sure what this soft bodies stuff is :frowning: Im new to blender.

I noticed you are in Japan :slight_smile: Are you Japanese or are you just currently living there? Im also in Japan (Hokkaido).

I like the character very much.

I agree with everyone that it is too quick. I also think that the cloth should continue to flap in the breeze a bit after she bursts throuhg, right now it stops abruptly.

i really like it.are those eyes modeled or what.

Dude your my hero. :smiley:

Are you the person that modeled that character over at blender art gallery called Rain?
If so I have to say its one of the best anime styled models made with blender.

But enough of the buttkissing.

Softbody collision is coming.Yeah baby yeah!

I agree with the speed issue everyone is talking about to a certain degree. The animation overall looks very well done anime for 3d(which you don’t see much around here.),and good use of the toonshaders my friend.

For what you had to work with as of softbodys right now I’m surpised it came out so well.
I hope you got more of this stuff to come cause I’d love(An others.) to see a short in this style.

Keep on blending.

Thank you for comments!

That is one of the goals and problems of this movie. I think it’s difficult to get both nice deform and nice collision…however, I’ll try that. :slight_smile:

But before it, I have to try to make her looks less going through the sheet with latest ver…

First of all, I wanted to test of the SoftBody and collision. I would make other parts later. :wink:
I think the expression and facial animation needs more work too. Thank you advice.

SoftBody is new function of blender. It’s testing now. see link below: http://www.blender.org/modules.php?op=modload&name=phpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=5996

Yes, I live in Osaka. If you want to talk with Japanese, Click [www] button below. :slight_smile:

breeze…Ok, I’ll try it. Thank you advice! :slight_smile:

That eyes ware modeled. I think it’s easy way to make them with textures, but I didn’t want to do so.

Yes, it’s mine. I’m glad to hear that. Thank you. :slight_smile:
I want to keep making this style animations!