Washington D.C.!!!!!

Who’s all going to Washington D.C. for the March for Life? This blenderhead is! :smiley:

(Please do not turn this thread into an argument. Thank you. :slight_smile: )

Unfortunately there are some here who can and will turn this thread into a argument despite your intentions to prevent it.

That is one of the core reasons we can’t talk about anything that could be political (and it applies to both sides of those debates), though it is unfortunate that good levels of civility tends to become elusive enough to necessitate that (which in admission I would say I contributed to that point at one time or another)

For non USA citizens, what is that March for Life? Cancer, wars, abortion?

It’s to help end abortion. :stuck_out_tongue:

i cant go but sounds cool

As in ‘stop’ it?

Uh, yeah. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s an annual thing (I think it’s been going on for like 10- 20 years or something). I don’t know if it has actually helped stop abortion yet. But google it to learn more.

Not starting an argument, just asking for others opinions.
What makes you so… against it? Also are you a vegetarian?

This is a reasonable argument from someone who wishes to destroy the world. Abortion should be acceptable on very few occasions; if the child is not going live long either way, or when it would be financially unfeasible to keep the child alive. Unfortunately, abortion is mainly used by selfish females who do not want to deal with the consequences of spreading their legs. On the other hand, if they are raped, the man who raped them should pay the consequences; but because almost any female can cry “rape” to acquire attention, I urge you to have the female sign a legal consent form before coitus (koi-tus). While I support the march for life, the issue is not solely black-and-white, or even monochrome, but a full-color issue. Equal attention should also be given to ways to reduce populations; since there are over seven billion humans on this planet (although that may increase government control over others). Hopefully, I have given you something to think about.

Now go abort abortion, or show them your pokemanz.

I don’t think abortion is acceptable at all. If you knew the baby was going to die as soon as it was born, let it be born. It’s probably healthier for you than having an abortion.

As for rape, there is still a life inside of you no matter who’s it is.

And the whole “over population” thing is just plain stupid. There’s plenty of food and room on this planet for more people. Don’t forget that people die… often. :stuck_out_tongue:

The reason I’m against abortion is because I believe that you are alive as soon as the egg becomes fertilized. So, in my point of view, abortion is murder. :stuck_out_tongue:

Vegetarian? No.

Not siding on this one, but why would you want to go to a march? They’re kind of boring and just doing the same thing over and over again.

And more to be the devil’s advocate, just being curious since I find different views fascinating, meat is not the murdering of animals?

A march isn’t useless. You let the world know what your opinion is. Yes, they can become boring, but change them a bit over the years.
I don’t think there’s anything wrong with eating animals: its’ in our nature behaviour. When we don’t eat them, there’ll be too much animals on the world.

OK I’m the one to be turning this thread into an argument, as I completely disagree. I’m a vegetarian by religion, though it has nothing to do with environmentalism or any of that stuff. HOWEVER, I find all that “population control” stuff to be a load of bull crap. Humans are no longer any animal’s natural predator. We’ve just alienated ourselves from the natural world too much(and ironically intruded upon it). Population control will happen naturally without human interference. And if a species doesn’t have a natural predator, good job for them, they’ve just been chosen by natural selection. We don’t need to eat meat-we just want to. And we find excuses to keep the environmental radicals at bay.

EDIT: P.S. Isn’t it funny that the same excuses used to justify abortion are used to justify nonvegetarianism?(which, in my opinion, doesn’t need justification)

I was not saying that rape was an acceptable excuse, just that the rapist should pay the consequences. Liquidate his possessions into an annuity for the mother and child if she chooses to keep the child. Else, the state gets the money. You make a valid argument, but your argument needs some support. If you want every human to come to term, their lives must be worth something. You probably support education, but educational systems (at least in America) need to set higher goals for students aside from teaching them “do you want fries with that”. I hope you succeed in your goals, but be aware that not everyone makes the best use of their life; sometimes they do not have the education and resources to do so.

Pokemanz … everywhere.

Well, if a species doesn’t have a predator, the whole ecosystem would be in danger: There’re too much animals of that species born, which leads to a decreasing population of the animals being hunted, and so on. By the way, I respect you’re a vegatarian, I think everybody has to be free in their religion and thoughts.
To PlanetKiller, you can warn people what you want, but there will always be some people who won’t listen to it. What you could do is giving girls a self-defence training.

I think I am detecting a pattern. Here, I’ve summarized it:


It’s not what you want. It’s what you do to get it.
Are you going to avail yourself of all the peaceful tools available?
Are you going to petition those in power to the use of weapons of government against those that disagree with you?

OP, not me. I oppose what you are trying to do.

And it’s foolish to bring up controversial subjects without expecting controversy, that or oppressive.