Hey folks,
I want to share this render with you. It took me roughly a week to make it from scratch. Its is rendered in Cycles with 300 Samples. I am not sure if I am 100 % happy with the lightning…I would love to know what you think. Brutal feedback is very welcome.


I think the lightning is a little to bright in the center, even if it guide the view to this point. But, the red spot is already attractive enough. So, to me, you should make some more lights to fake the lightning of a laundry. And maybe, try to randomise just a little the contents of the machines

Hi thank you for your feedback:)
I was thinking the same…but I played a little bit around with the lightning and tried to imitate the look of a laundry but it’s quite hard for me. How is a laundry lit? Yep and randomise the contents is a good idea. Do you know an easy way to do it? Maybe with nodes or sth.? I was thinking of putting like little “worlds” or scenes in each of the machines but it would take me ages and i am not sure if i could make it skill wise…