Wasp - Modeling Exercise and Timelapse

here’s a small weekend project and the making of.
this has been a little modeling exercise and a good opportunity to test out my new screencasting-software (iShowU HD).

(oh, and sorry for the music… but that techno-stuff seems to fit best for fast and hectic timelapse-videos…)

what i tried out the first time is the grease-pencil-tool. and while i did not make very much use of it, it’s a really cool tool and a great help in the modeling workflow.


Just watched your timelapse, great work man! I love the model detail, makes me want to go model my own bug :smiley:

Nice modeling and a very interesting use of the grease pencil.

Very very nice work man! 5* for me

I’m not a fan of techno but as you are rigging the antennae it is as if your work was paced to the beat. Very cool and entertaining.

Thanks for posting.

Great time lapse and wonderful end result. 5 stars from me.

Amazing work man.


Very cool timelapse and render too. I’m not thrilled about the material on the beehive :slight_smile:

Nice pic!
(i’ll check out the vid tomorrow [i have dial-up at home])

-Excellent model and much thanks for the TimeLapse…

hey, thank you all for your kind comments! :slight_smile:
best regards and blend on!

Great work…a little too fast the timelapse … :smiley:


really cool organic modelling. Inspiring.

ok im a complete noob and bear with me here…

  1. How fast was the time lapse like a times rate??
  2. when you make the orange boxes are those just cubes and are you just subdiving them and moving the vertexes?
  3. when you colored the UV map did that make it the actual rendering color?


  1. i recorded with 3 fps. i worked two days on it, or something around 14-16 hours.
  2. yes, the orange boxes are just cubes, but i don’t subdivide it with the subdivide-tool/menu, i use the loop-cut-tool (ctrl+r) to subdivide one time on the y-axis and several times on the x-axis, then i delete the right half of it and replace it with the mirror-modifier, this way i only have to do one side of the model. and then it’s just pushing verts, sometimes with the sculpt-tool/“grab”.
  3. yes. that and of course the shading, sss and color-ramps.

I’m joining the crowd - very inspiring - five stars from me!

/ Mats

very nice =)

Great work, 5 stars

Great stuff!

Nice piece! Can I link it to my blog?