Wasp - Modeling Exercise and Timelapse

Incredible. It looks so easy there! Just a few noobish questions, if you don’t mind:

  1. Sometimes I saw you had render-like 3d preview (shadows etc.) how do you access it?
  2. How did you rig those legs so fast? Did you assign them manually, IK solvers and all? It looked so damn fast!
  3. How did you do that cool-looking background on pre-renders? Those with no seam in ground and sky.

thanks! well, it’s not that complicated… just a few cubes with a bit of tweaking.:smiley:

  1. i think you mean the new glsl-materials. have a look here:
    to enable them, go to game–>blender GLSL materials. then you need to enable textured sold draw mode with “d”.
  2. to be honest, i edited the boring part out… :smiley: but basically i simply parented the meshes to the armature (i think with with “bone heat”) and then assigned the vertex groups to the according bones. and then of course only duplicated legs with bones. but except for the boring naming process it’s fast and easy. oh, and of course i used auto-IK
  3. there has been a tutorial for that on blenderunderground or another site, i don’t remember. but it goes like this: in world buttons, make a nice color ramp background dark-grey–>light-grey (or orangish to blue to fake a sky background). then, in 3d view, add a ground-plane, assign new material and set it to “shadow only” so it will render out fully transparent except for the shadow and ao. quite easy, but a cool effect.
    have fun!

That was… so beatifull :slight_smile:

lol, yep, for you
Very excellent!

Cool Time-Lapse.
I like the way you model.
The texture of the hive to me is somewhat don`t look right.:confused:
you did a great job on the modeling as for the render it needs more.
overall 4 stars.

Nice reference on blendernation.:wink:

Thanks alot, mate!! =)
It was nicely explained, got my cool GLSL shading up in seconds. (cool!) Here’s also a short video where I made a pro-looking background, thanks to you! =)

very nice…well done…

A fantastic model, awesome, entertaining to watch. The music wasn’t a problem - I stripped it out and added my own :slight_smile:
I was amazed that you could produce something that elegant from what appeared to be not very detailed reference pictures - and it seemed that you didn’t use the reference at all for the detail, only for the basic outline. I guess you must have a pretty good knowledge of insect anatomy, right?

Only one drawback - it’s too quick to follow (even after slowing it down by a factor of 4!)
I’m not yet sufficiently familiar with blender to follow everything you did at that speed - and the low video resolution makes it difficult to see what panels / menus etc are being used - and that’s a pity, because I want to model a fly and this would be a great help. I suppose there’s no chance that you will publish a pdf version, or something? Even some notes in a text file explaining what you are using would be a help…

thanks a lot!

well, no, i didn’t know anything about insect anatomy, but i’ve got a second monitor with a few more detailed reference pictures…:smiley:

hey, you’re in luck! i decided to try to do a video-tutorial, this time modeling a fly. but it won’t be anatomically correct by any means, it’s just meant to look good in any way.
it think i will do it in a similar way like my first video-tutorial about blender’s interface (http://www.vimeo.com/2389416), just with different or no music. some mix of timelapse and video-tutorial, the essential things explained with text-overlay and the boring clicky-clicky-stuff sped-up :eyebrowlift:
but you will probably have to wait until january…

Great work man. Dont worry about music, some of us like it. :evilgrin: