Wasps in the nest..

(megalith) #1

There is my first public blender image…


(suicidal) #2

I love this pic. :smiley: The lighting is rad. I think that the 1 thing that would really improve this pic is if you put some motion blur on the bees wings. Other Then that i don’t really see anything that jumps out at me that is wrong with the pic. i think its a great sceen. I look forward to seeing more of your work. Keep at the good job.

Your Freind,
Suicidal :wink:

(megalith) #3

thank for comment, i know about wings motion blur, but i don’t know how to add motion blur to one object or material :frowning: , maybe one way to add motion blur is creating few frames of animation… If anyone know how to do it, please help me… Thanks.

(S68) #4

Very nice, good first pic!

Lightning is interesting, models are simple but beautiful.

For motion blur

Verify you are on frame 1 (you are, if you never modified it) look at a box with a number on one of the toolbars, the lower one usually.

select the wings of all the creatures, press I KEY say LocRot

go to frame 2 (change that number in one of the various Blender Ways)

select the wings and move/rotate them (one at a time :wink: ) so that they are in the position you think they should have 1/25 of second after the previus setting

select them all and press again I KEY an LocRot

go back to Frame 1

Go to rendering window

Select MBLUR (some Philosophycal Schools says you can Unselect OSA, Some says you should keep OSA on, it really depends on how many things are still. In your case I would keep OSA)



(harkyman) #5

I really like this too. Modelling and texturing can be simple (and well done) like this, while lighting and composition rule the day and make for a great image.

BTW, to add to S68’s comments about motion blur, you might want to start the mblur setting below the mblur button to around 1.5. I’ve had good static results with that.

(VelikM) #6

Thats excellent! Besides the
motion blur, the combs look like they’re machined out of wood, maybe adding a little bevel around the top to soften the edges would make them look a little more organic.

(Xampersand) #7

Very cool!

I think you should try to make the walls of the combs a little more thin, too, and try to make them a little less uniform. Not a lot, just enough to make them look more of a work in progress.

Still, very nice. Post more!

(Al_Capone) #8

Megalith, this beats everyone in a long shot, good to see a real blender artist.

(Fort Max) #9

Overall good pic. :smiley: I really like the lighting.

One thing to add about motion blur (you may already know but just in case) - the setting for OSA is how many times Blender will render to calculate the blur meaning if it is on 8 it will do 8 renders, on 16 it would do 16 etc. The higher you go the smoother the blur.