Wasted From Space (Development)

Hi this is my latest game that i am making with the blender game engine, i have been working on it for about a month now and i wanted to show some of the progress i have made so far. i have been working with blender since i was 13 and i am 20 now , so i have gained a lot of experience with the game engine over the years. i will release of video of the first level and cutscene very soon so stay tuned :yes:

This is a very early version of the game and there is much to do, there are 2 weapons so far in the game
a energy rifle and a freeze gun. there is a working weapon upgrade system and much more.


wow looks fun, nice graphics too. Would be nice if his arms and head could get blown off and he grew it back in a matter of seconds with green blood and all that…

hehe just an idea, be keeping an eye out for updates…

Nice WIP!
One complaint: The menu hover sound is rather uncomfortable.

sorry about that it will be fixed in the next update, thank you for the feedback :slight_smile:

Great job, but the footstep sound are killing your game… Try to work more on this, maybe if you put the sound lower!

Btw, awesome game! :smiley:

Wow very nice game. the menu hover sounds are definitely annoying though.

This Game absolutley looks Great ey. I like your textures they do a really good job at making the world feel dynamic.
Keep it up !!!

Quick video showing some more gameplay of the 1st level Hope you guys enjoy.
give me some feedback :slight_smile:

Wow… very nice ! Love the jet pack on his back :slight_smile:

Nice game art I love this low-old-school graphics…Unreal feelings

Great progress!!! The sounds now is much better!

It reminds me of Wolfenstein. I think the main char needs some more animations. Maybe a bazooka should only destroy the tanks. :slight_smile: