Surviving the wasteland of humanity is my only profession - Unknown

Awesome work! It came out really badass! :smiley:

Thanks Guss!!!

Really cool man! Love the lighting and atmosphere! Great job!! :smiley:

thank you @julien!!! :smiley:

Love this work man! The character looks to me as if it may have been inspired by military gear from world war 1?

Very well executed, the character has a scary, almost inhuman feel to it, Which gives it a great presence!
Nice work with the volumetrics too, they fit the scene wonderfully!

I cant believe i only just noticed this thread now. This has to be one of my favourites from this week :slight_smile:

oh man Thank you !!! that means alot :smiley:

Such atmosphere in this work, really liking it

A+ Love it, has that world war 1 era feel to it, great modeling and detail too.

If someone said there was a new character being introduced to the Battlefield 1 game, and showed me this picture, I’d believe them! Great work Grem! :slight_smile:

Looks really nice!

How much of the foggy atmosphere feel was added in post production? Or was it all done in the scene itself?

Thank you @LordoftheChings :slight_smile:

Thank you @BATMOOSE the fog was in the scene itself except the dust :wink: