Wasteland Scooter

Just finished this one for the monthly /r/Blender contest. Would love some critique.

My goal with this was to, 1. create an original vehicle, and 2. hone in on my my own “style.” I’m going for stylized-realism; simple shapes and base textures, augmented with realistic wear.

Thanks for any feedback.

I only have issue with the lighting. Where is the sun(?) angling from? Having the glare where it is and the vehicle’s shadow stationed underneath it makes the image feel ‘flat’.

Would a sign in this world be so straight? If that is even a concern for you… I think adding sand to cover areas of the vehicle would add more, uh more to the overall feeling of this piece.

Sun looks too bright. I would loke to see the car better as it looks really neat. I don’t know how you’d fix this, but the sand looks hard. Maybe materials