Hey Everyone!
I have been working on an image called “Wasteland.”
Please critique harshly :slight_smile:

Please critique :slight_smile:

Hi. I like facture on the character. It looks a little bit like a dry leaf, but it it has also metalic quality. Interesting. I think you may work a little on those donut skelletons. Maybe add some variation, or some camera effects… im not sure. Keep it up!

ps. Do you mind sharing how you did the character model?

Hey Czerw!
I cheated xD. I used MakeHuman for the model. Such a great tool!
The character material is this:

Very simple, but I personally really like the end result :slight_smile:
Great idea about the wheels. I don’t know how to add variation but I will certainly experiment with it!
Thanks so much for your post!


New Render: