Wastwater - Scene 2 Final (possibly)

Replacement Number 2. Sorry - can’t stop tinkering.

There were aspects of my first ‘final’ attempt I didn’t like (below). I have tried to rectify. There are now aspects of this I don’t like - but still better. I was clearly premature in posting this to ‘Finished Projects’. I apologise profusely for breaking with protocol. However, it is quite likely I shall do so again :stuck_out_tongue: !

Wastwater Scene 2.

All of the background and WIP can be found below.
Wastwater WIP
Wastwater - Scene 1 Final

In summary - DTM and cartographic data manipulated in QGis, heightmap and initial texturing in Gaea, materials enhanced in mixer, lakes, trees, road, buildings added in Blender. Rendered in Blender. Output as HDR, tonemapped in Luminance HDR, post-processed in Photoshop. A lot of software and a lot of fun (for me anyway).

I’m 75-80% happy with this, but I may go back and tweak materials and vegetation… but its so close I’d thought I’d call in ‘final’ anyway.

Comments to improve for version 2a or version 3 much appreciated.


Maybe give the trees a bit more variation in color and size. Good work, love the scene.

Thank you - I will give that a go I think (as well as adding a few more trees in the bare areas).

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Whoops, I forgot to add the link!

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Thanks Bart :+1:

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To go along with my ‘watercolour’ of my other Wastwater scene, I thought I’d do the same to this one. Not perfect; not bad.

Have a good weekend!