Watch me come back.

Hi everyone. I have been waiting very patiently for Blender 2.40 to come out, which is why I’ve been messing with Max over the summer.

2.40 blows me away. It’s like a Blenderer’s dream come true. RVK clones for morphs. True IK solvers. A rewritten animation system. More than one Bone drawtype. Possibly an update to its old game engine.

I love it. I’ll download it the second it comes out. You might even actually see a new Blender WIP by me for a change. Or a movie. I like working with Envelopes in Max, so I know I’ll like working with them in Blender again.

No, I won’t be asking ‘when does this come out?’ cuz that’s an annoying, cliche question…only announcing my return to the Blender community next month. I think the summer’s wait for 2.40 will well be worth it.

Welcome back. I don’t see any reason why you should forsake one application for another. They’re both very different from each other. Use both and take advantage of each one’s strengths. That’s what I do with LightWave and Blender.

Hey Kelso :smiley:

Welcome back!


Have fun with Max, but why wait for the official Blender release? Have you checked out the CVS builds yet? Of coarse they’re for testing perposes, but you can get a jump on the latest stuff.

At any rate, see you when your ready.

Did you ever leave? :wink:

I can’t remember you left that long :slight_smile: …or am I wrong?

I’m saving the download 'til it actually comes out since I want to be amazed…this new version is totally going to fill out my needs that 2.37a didn’t…2.40’s really up there. Also, I did make the decision to leave off and on. I don’t want to get in everybody’s hair(or possibly kicked off) like the way some of the spammers here like Kansas_15 or Fatman did. The last thing I want to do is be a bother.
All I can do is wait for B-con 5…and what does it mean to spam a forum? I think I kind of know what that means, but not completely.