Watch out strange messages!

:confused::eek:Don’t know if it’s just a gag or if it is a malicious attempt to infect a PC… But i just recieved a message with a link to a site that asks you to download a .exe file…
As i know that these sort of traps are very common in Windows world, this is just a WATCH OUT message.
Though .exe can’t affect a Mac, i will remind the Mac users that there are sometimes some downloads to avoid. Lately, there was a sort of troyan for Mac around… of course, nothing can happen if you don’t give your admin’s permission for install… yet, this “private message” i just got could well be one of that style!:ba::eyebrowlift2:
So, prudence, folks! :yes:

Great - thx for the warning!

Ha, thats why you never click on links in emails from folks you dont know.


Thanks for the warning man.