Watch The Blender Nyc Conf Live!!!!

Works on Max and VLS, trying to get it to work on vindows and linux systems

use vlc, mplayer…

Good luck guys! Hope everything goes well! I’ll be watching the stream when I can :smiley:

I’ll be on for the next hour or so and tomorrow most of the day!

this online yet? :smiley: this online yet? :smiley: this online yet…?!! :smiley: (yes i’m being impatient! go cry to yo momma!) :smiley:

its been online, there are 2 different feeds for 2 different cameras, and they arent on at the same time, so just check which ever one is online and then see which ever one works for u.

Great I hope someone is recording… I wanted to make it but we are going there too late.
Please record Bassam and Bob’s and Jason’s and Jonathan’s:)
Not working for me presently… Lunch I guess
here is the schedule

Lunch is over and the feeds should go back online now

vitaliy is now giving an awesome tutorial on modeling an ipod shuffle! I’m so glad I attended!

thanks vitaliy did great on the tut. So many ?'s ha ha. Send them to the wiki :slight_smile:

lol sorry guys that it came out a bit clumsy as i kinda didn’t plan it

Hope You Guys Will Watch The Feed Tomorow, Starting At Around 11 Am - The End Of The Day

Ill Post A Thread For When We Start

11 am ny-time, eh? got a be ready… hmm… let see, i need:

*some chips or something…
*lots o’ coffee… :slight_smile:

that should do it… :slight_smile:

Streaming Live Right Now!!!
On The Second Stream

Not working, in quicktime, VLC or Mplayer.


working for me, and im sitting right next the presenter, testing the feed

make sure you connect to

Since we are still here, the feeds back up for several more lessons