Watch the Skeletons Dance!
Hi everybody! Just a little bit of Halloween fun, and you can use it as a screensaver if you can figure out how… it’s ready to go, but when I made it into a runtime, the shaded areas looked to bright… what do you think?

Very nice work. I wish I did know how to make a screensaver from a Blender runtime. I know it involves changing the file extention from .exe to .scr but I dont know how to do it on my xp
EDIT: I figured out how to do this now. I had to change some settings on my computer to show file extentions.

:smiley: Wow nice. Hehe even on my laptop I got 80 fps. Lol, you should use this as an intro screen to some project.

Would be cool if they ran around the fire also. :wink: But then you’d have to deal with syncing their strides with movement, which is always a pain.

That’s a good blend !
Will you put a nice music in the background for halloween ?

Well… I was sort of thinking of the Dry Bones Song, which you may or may not know… some of the words are displayed on the screen, as I’m sure you’ve noticed. The rest of the song is sort of like this: “The ankle bone’s connected to the leg bone, the leg bone’s connected to the knee bone, the knee bone’s connected to the thigh bone, the thigh bone’s connected to the hip bone, ‘dem’ bones gonna dance around…” It’s based on the Biblical story of Elijah and the valley of the dry bones, and makes a very nice skeleton song.

It’s definitely a cool demonstration of what Blender can do. I agree, though, that it needs a soundtrack.

Really nice animation and mood in there. I really like this demonstration. Nice done PlantPerson. :smiley: