watch the watch

hi guys,
here is my first ever project made on blender.
i hv stoppd working on this one. cos am now starting with a new one. This was kind off Warm up project…which helpd me being familier with Blender.

(a lot of things could have been done in this..)

so wat do ya think? %|


Not bad for your 1st project.You can improve lighting though.Modeling is quiye good .You can also add better textures

welcome to elysiun. the concept is good. But you must learn to implement it now. As your first project its good. Now focus on good modelling techniques and also you can use the material library given at the Blender’s site for a start, later you can create your own materials.

your name is funny :smiley:

After you do a few more warm-ups, come back to this one and see just how far you can take it.

You have already taken this picture quite far. The wrist strap, for example, is very nice. The little touches are very nice: the buckle being in-pieces, for instance, and the couple of little gears that are sitting there for no particular reason. That’s creative composition.

Obviously the pencil does not look realistic and whatever-it-is (the crystal?) that’s sitting on top of it is not well-defined; it appears to drop slightly through the table. But these are small things. The idea of having these things here in the first place is very nice, because it really gives it the “slice of life, a moment in time” feeling that a good still-life should have.

All in all, it’s a well thought-out, thoughtfully composed still-life, very close to being finished and clearly at a point where just a few things … a little texture here, a little light-adjustment there, and maybe just a hint of background work to suggest the story of the watchmaker whose workbench we have just observed … will make it a very nice complete composition. I look forward to seeing it.

thanks buddy!
…it was a great reply to read.
your suggestions were good ,helpful and will surely implement them. will revert back to you soon with the updated and “well textured” “well enlightened” workbench of the watch maker.

c u soon…