Watch. W.I.P :)

Ok so heres a little project I’ve been working on. Not quite done yet, but before I will consider myself as Done, I would like to here yor statemets.

and from blender:

Please Fire away! All (usefull) C&C are welcome! :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks good enough.

I don’t know if these are things you were going to do later,
but I’m going to suggest them anyway:

  1. The black background looks kind of weird.
    i would recommend some kind of scene to put you watch in
    ( could be very simple, just not plain black.

  2. Textures!
    The watch looks far too clean.

  3. I would advise a change of camera angle.
    Mostly because it looks like you’ve done some fine modeling,
    and the render doesn’t really show that off.

But otherwise it seems like a good job!

The metalic wristband looks too thin, I think, but appart from that the modelisation is great. :smiley:
Now, as Tobias said, it may be good to add an environment to that image. Well, even if it doesn’t show up in the render, it may be visible in the reflections on the watch, and make the render a little more realistic.

Ok thanks. Next thing I will look at then will be tha BG and textures. And maybe the angle of the image. :slight_smile: