Hi everybody,

so this is my first “real own project” to model and render something with Blender.

I am looking for some focused critique to improve my skills with Blender.

It was rendered with Blender internal and I used one background picture to realize some reflecting effects…

Thanks & Greetings

Looks fairly nice :wink:

I don’t think the lighting is that great though.
Did you use a single light source for the lighting?

For such shiny things I’d recommend you “image-based” lighting.
Take a look at this tutorial for a “how-to”:
(rather basic, but it works ;))

Also, rendering will take much more time with this technique, so be patient :wink:

I’d love to see another render made with this method!
(also, I’d recommend you to delete any other light sources than the image-based lighting…)

Very good so far, but there’s some space for improvements.

Btw. for the ground:
In the “mirror” panel [materials] there is also an option called “gloss”. You may change this value to something like “0.95”.
This would really enhance the quality of the render and more force the viewer to focus on the actual watch and not it’s reflection!
Make sure to increase the “gloss” samples for the final rendering.

Hope that helps you somehow…

Very well done. It would be nice to see just a little bit more transparency and crispness on the watch crystal.

hi, thanks for the comments…

I think lightning is really my weakest point, I need to learn a lot how to create some nice light setups.
In this scene I am using 3 light sources. One spot light from behind the watch and two normal lamps (one beside the camera and one close to the watch). Some kind of 3 point lightning setup which seems to be a basic technique (well at least thats what I read in some books and tutorials…). But I agree with you that the lightning could be better.
Thanks for the tip with gloss effect for the ground. This sounds like a great idea, i will definitely try it…
And I will read the tutorial you linked, looks very interesting and could improve the lighting. If I get something done I wil post a new picture with this lightning technique…
thanks for your feedback

what do you mean by crispness?? But I agree with you that the crystal does not look that great. This actually one part I really don’t like in this model, because I think it looks like that there is no crystal. But unfortunately I don’t know how to improve it. I played a lot with the material settings but did not find a setting which looked better.
I think due to low view angle there should be much more reflections from the background on the glass, shouldn’t it??
Well, i will try your advice and increase a little bit the transparency and see what happens…
thanks for your feedback, too