Watchamacallit... um... weapon of doom... yeah

If you still remember my ugly rocketship, this one goes together in the same project. Rendered with Blender internal. Using radiosity and AO, postproduction only a little histogram adjustment.

This would be some sort of beam projector for the project. C&C welcome as usual.


Cool! Reminds me a lot of a tesla coil. The crystals on the bottom make it look a bit like it came from the ‘Spire’ age in Myst IV.

They’d be green and float on air though :stuck_out_tongue:

Anywho, nice work! Very interesting contraptions, and trust me, I love interesting contraptions! :evilgrin:


Makes me think someone took a car cigarette lighter and mad scientested it into a weapon :D.

actually to me it looks like a tennisball slingshot or clay pigeon launcher. that was my first impression anyway. lol

(ps I do know what a clay pigeon launcher looks like)

I’m definitely going with a Tesla Coil on steroids here. The crystals are a nice touch though I think they should be glowing (whether it be green, blue, white, etc). I really like the model; nice job. Not quite the duct-tape contraption most mad scientists are known for. This one was made with a moderately good budget :smiley: Good job!


Nice image!

Do you have the camera lens set to 50, or is it still on 35? The latter can make things seem like tiny toys while 50 makes them look more huge.

The crystals are a nice touch. I’d make the cables connecting the crystals to the weapon proper more massive, currently they do not seem to large enough to carry huge amounts of technobabble crystonic energy. Maybe a bundle of cables,with wrappings. And the crystals definitely should glow.

A few crackling lightning bolts would add to the effect. There is a tutorial here on a quick and dirty way to add lightning bolts in Blender.

:eek: thats nice!

I always set my camera to something around 75 or 80.

Thanx all. It did start as a Tesla coil, then I started improvising :D. The camera is at 35. I didn’t want to make it too big.

I’ll be working now on adding some lightning effects (need to be animated). Anyone knows a good lightning tutorial?

I don’t have a tutorial, but if you want to make an animation and don’t have a lot of rendering power, remember to stick with Buffer Shadowed lights, preferably Classic-Halfway types.


As I said, there is a non-animated lightning tutorial here:
but I dunno about animated ones.