For those of you who havn’t followed the work in progress here it is:

I started working on this because of Nathans post a few days back that consisted of a fake image that he claimed he rendered. I said I was going to achieve the realistic qualities of the image through a render. This is my first time to really work on lighting, and you can see different outcomes on the ‘work in progress page’ Overall I lost motivation and became bored with the project so I came out with this last render. I like how it came out, although the lighting could be a bit brighter. I might post a brighter image later on, but for now here is the final:

Yes I know all my errors and what im lacking to achieve the realisticness, but as I said, this project doesn’t motivate me enough to fix them, lol.

True image:

post nathans below it for reference.

Ok its there :wink:

You went too heavy on the raymir, and the caustics are missing. The only way I can think of to fix that would be PP. Why did you make the metal so rusty without making the rest of the box worn? Why not just shoot for the original image?

Shbaz its not rust its just his Nor on the the texture and the AO settings he used. Maybe turn down the Nor a lil on those corner pieces and make them a lil more silver and less golden.

also the camera angle isnt realy the same.

remember that AO is not ALWAYS good. I would leave it out in this pic…

nice steady modelling tho.


Don’t you want to share the .blend? I think ppl would be jumping on it to create a lighting closer to the original since you got bored of it. The modeling is great, and I would love to try too, but I would get bored of modeling this all over :slight_smile:

Sorry you got tired of working on it. The model looks great but I really would like to see a render with the AO turned off.

Maybe it’s me but I haven’t seen very many renders where AO helped. Maybe in the next release of blender we can give AO a max setting that won’t allow for such a heavy grain?

Thanks for clarifying that the rust effect is not in fact rust, but the setting that gives the appearance of rust. %|

good model. But you should change the lightning though. And the top is to much reflective

Alrighty, guess I will re open this project and began working on it again…lol. I didn’t have AO at first but they told me I should turn AO on, so I guess I will turn it off and work backwards a bit and try to make it look closer to the original. I guess the Work In Progress is back open, thanx for the comments guys, it gave me the motivation I need.