Watcher of Meadows

He sees it all…

wanted to go all dark and gloomy on him, but he ended up in a bright-green setting with pink flowers… it’s nice to see how your characters have a mind of their own. actually kind of creepy…


I like it it remeinds me of the deku tree in the Legend Of Zelda the Ocarina Of Time.
Maybe you should work on the horizon though.It looks wierd.I dont know how to explain it.

The wood texture is a bit lame, but the rocks and the grass is awsome. Fix the horizon because the clouds are touching the ground. Anyways, nice work just need a little fixing.

Try some sculpting on the tree. Try some other tree texture.
And make one “dark” example, i would to see it dark and rainy like. This is to much bright for me. but hey that`s just me.

aah, ocarina of time, takes me back. always loved zelda!
well it maybe needs a little more fixing, think i will go for a darker setting where i also will try to fix it up alittle. thanks for posting

nice wood-textures! thanks Miro.