Watching TV

This is my first serious scene in blender. My idea is to make a simple animation with the brain scaping the head


Looks nice so far… Let’s see what the anim will turn into :).

Thanks. I’ve never done an animation, so it’ll be hard, but at least i’ll try to do it…

The concept is cool, < Although very similar in concept to this short made in blender!

The scene needs to be brighter, bright flickering light from the TV. also close the room in a bit, so it is confined. other wise it looks as if it is yet to be finished, a small scene will make the lack of clutter look deliberate.

Thanks wagawagawoo, I tried to do what you said and I think it’s much better now


Cool, glad to see you have taken my improvements on board! it is a definite improvement. I may advise making the room smaller still and the light even brighter. in regards to the model I am tossing up whether you should make him totally expressionless or even mindlessly bored (Get it? :P) OR keep the contented smile he has currently.

Also a suggestion I make to many people is to use Ambient Occlusion, There are plenty of tutorials to tell you how to use it.

I didn’t hear about ambient occlusion, but now I love it. Thank you! I’m gonna experiment with it :slight_smile:


Flicking back between the two latest renders it looks allot better :smiley:
Good to see you progressing.