Water and fire problems!

I need help making fire and water in my car game plz can anyone help me so i can contuine work on it plz help me!(english is not my first language so i stink at english so my writing is pretty bad )

you can add a couple empty’s and have an add object actuator each empty could have a different z value so in the middle the particles shoot higher. you will have to have an object on a different layer that looks like a fire “particle” it wont be very realistic but you cant use the particle system in the game engine
make sure the particles are ghosts
as for water you will have to use python here is a link to a water shader you can download the file

dude thx stell tring to find out how to make the fire work lol.but the file that he said we could use well when i downloadedmit i couldnt emulate numpad,i couldnt see anything belowthe object button do you no how to help me with this

could you explain this further
Im not sure what you mean. but i think you need to use alt click and drag down in the button window??

that didnt work but your air plane game is so cooool!!!

this game has really good fire you should ask how it was made

yo dude did u no your game can be stolen and used?

it doesn’t really matter right now since I will change a lot of it around once i get the missile script working but even if you change it to an app or exe it can still be stollen