Water and wind


I´m very new to Blender (2 weeks now) but I think Blender is a lot of fun, and an amazing program…I have played a bit with the fluid sim, soft body’s etc. Total noob with particles though :(. But I was wondering if wind could affect fluid? And another question , when a large ammounts of water fall down, you can see some "smoke"coming of the water. Can this be done in Blender?

Thanks in advance!!


Yes, it is possible,but particles would certainly be the best way for this kind of thing.
You can also simulate this vapour with animated meshes with textures and alpha.
You can also fake particles with animated meshes and halos.
The smoke and the clouds of dust in my short movie “The construction site” are done without
usig particles. They use meshes animated using shape keys, and the material uses halos.
Faking particles this way requires very few computing power and allows fast rendering.


Check out the Wave Modifier for a very easy way to simulate waves on water. Cross a few of them and you get very easy but realistice water motion.

And no, unless you have a supercomputer and work for NOAA, there is no way for you to say wind is X velocity for Y time and varies in intesity according to Z vector set blowing over water with these AB characteristics and Za current and let Blender figure out how big the waves are.

So I guess I´ll have to study particles:rolleyes:

About the wave modifier: I think i’ve read something about it, just a plane, add wave modifiers, add a good texture (I can’t even texture yet though), reflection and you have a beautiful wave… Is that what you mean? How to make a good animation of that?

For example: A drop of water that falls (using fluid sim). There is just now way it can be affected by a wind field? I’m just curious, there’s no real need for this or something…

I’m downloading “The constuction site” - I have to say you have a very nice website :smiley:
btw: Thanks for the fast replies…

well, if you’re curious, wander over to cogfilms www.cogfilms.com- Colin’s done more non-fluid sim water in Blender than all of us put together.

Just looked around his site… the water animations are incredible!

The water animation on his website are indeed amazing… :D. Anyway, thanks for the replies!!

Thanks Bazz38 !
A lot of things can be done using textures, alpha and displacement mapping.
The new real displacement in Blender 2.43 allows very interesting effects.
A subdivided mesh with alpha close to Zero and a high specularity can be animated by a procedural texture to fake the foam.
If you remove a lot of vertices in order to keep a lot of small small pieces of foam, and animate the mesh with waves or an other texture with at least one offset axis, you will get very interesting waterfalls effects.
My Waterfall sequence, as well as the Crazy Boat sequence have been done only using animated textures and displacement mapping.
With a mix of these technics, you will get the effect you need. You might have to tweak some time, but you’ll get it.