Water animation

I’ve finally figured out how to make a fluid simulation in blender, but have run into a bit of a problem. Whenever I try and make a domain object other than a cube (such as a curvey tube) the fluid ignores it and splashes to the ground (the x-axis).
If anyone knows ho to help me, I would appriciate it, thanks in advance.

Edit: k, I tried fluid sim with a plane with low walls, but the water didnt flow out, is this a defaul thing, or did I do something wrong?

Here is the fluid pours into (and spills) and around a bowl example file.


fluid_bowl.blend (98.1 KB)

thanks, but it doesn’t really show me how to set this up…

The domain o a fluid sim is the bounding box of the domain object. It can’t leave this box. You can make a smaller box inside your domain, make it an obstacle and have the fluid fall into it instead.

I’m no expert on fluid sims by far but what I would do is make a cube the size of the curvy tube and make it a obstacle inside the cube. This might work and if you see that the fluid is not actually touching the tube itself and is just stopping a bit before it then change the resolution to the maximum your computer can handle and then try it.