Water Balloon Physics?

Hey what’s up

Does anyone know how to make a Balloon react like it’s filled with water?

Simple softbody physics isn’t giving me the results that I want, the balloon seems hallow and just collapses no matter what my settings are.

The balloon is a little high-poly (because I want a characters grip to deform it, by the balloon bulging-out around the fingers).

any ideas:)

I believe if you add faces inside the balloon it should deform stiffer… I’m not sure if I can explain it to well… Basically try to add layers, inside which are connected to each other…

check out the attached blend. IT’s a ball that doesn’t collapse. Take special look @ the ball’s softbody settings. It’s not high poly (it’s meant as a Quake 2 model) so it’s not perfect, but it doesn’t collapse, it hits the ground & bounces a little bit. Don’t forget you’ll need to bake it & the bake only goes from frame 1 to 39, so you may want to make it longer.


bouncy ball softbody.blend (275 KB)

thanks for posting that Happy Friar, it’s a good simulation, but the ball seems to get dents in random spots when it collides, and they seem to reform. it reacts like volley ball that’s been slightly deflated.

I’m looking for something that can sway side to side like water does when its contained by rubber.

JayDez you said something about layers, is there a tutorial your referring to

the main thing that I want to accomplish is the appearance of mass inside the balloon.

thanks again for your responses.

I’m interested in something similar for a goo-like effect. But I’m not sure how it would be done. I guess a lot of reading is in order.

The only reason I decided to ask for help, is because I’ve been trying find info on the topic for months. And sadly I got nothing.

Did you try the Tutorial here…
You can change the stiffness and even add ‘collision’ to the soft body’.

Most of the problems seems to be the shape of the mesh. Try different meshes.
I did one here with a very strange and complicated mesh…

I have a Blend file that you can download in this thread here…

Did you consider using fluid sim with very high viscosity?