Water cascading over a turning waterwheel?

Ooh, ick, the waterwheel in my animation has to be overshot, so I can’t get away anymore from the need for the effect of water … cascading out of the spout, landing in the buckets, and in time, cascading out of the buckets into the creek below.

I saw Al_Capone’s post in this thread from last January:

(Note: my project does not have to run in the Game Engine.)

He refers to “Flow” and even shows what looks like a screen shot from such a tool. I don’t know what or where that is.

%| Ummm… Okay, I get it… yeah, the JPG in his response does seem to come from, y’know, duh, http://www.reptilelabour.com/software/flow. A little senior-moment here folks, :wink: and I’m readin’ about “Flow” now but anyhow. With or without an external tool, how would you do this? I would vastly prefer to be able to get the job done strictly in Blender. Since there is no “real time” requirement here, the SFX layer could be generated laboriously. I’m a savvy programmer if need be, but I’m hangin’ back now looking at ideas.

The trick with a waterwheel, of course, is that the buckets are constantly turning. I am definitely envisioning this as a special effects layer to be composited on top of the the turning wheel (w/Sequence Editor). The wheel does not need to be seen starting; it’s already in motion. It seems to me that the effect of water falling into the top bucket is one issue; the various streams of water falling out of buckets is handled separately per-bucket; and that “spray” is separate from them all. All of these being used to generate a suitable composite-layer to sandwich over the (dry) wheel layer. A twirling wheel of particle-emitters with a few well-placed scrims (shadow-only and shadowless, hence invisible but opaque) to block off what one shouldn’t see? A very short sequence, just part of a rotation then repeated… Hmm… hmm, hmm, hmmmmm… 8)

I could re-a-aly use some great ideas here, folks. :o And if there is a Blender plugin out there I don’t know about yet… “Now would be a good time, Scotty…” :slight_smile:

Is there any way to attach metaballs to the particles? Although complicated this would fill in the big empty holes that particles would have in between them. Then you could use the particles for overspray. Then I would put however many particle emmiters in each well to be activated at a certain frame in the rotation and of course make the gravity pull the water down. Color, lighting, and shading effects would be a different story. I dont know much about the particle system though. Its just an idiea.

Sure, just use dupliverts on particles. There’s a whole lot of tutorials on that.