Water Caustics - Animated

Inspired by COG and his animated water tutorials, I tried to make a small seashore pond kind of test. Not much detail, just the floor and the surface. (Sorry, OSA is off to speed up rendering).

Get the AVI here:




It looks nice, but maybe it would be better with the camera staying at the same place, because here it’s hard to see the caustics moving with the waves, as “everything” moves :wink:
Anyway, from what I saw, that seems good :smiley:

Looks very nice. I agree a slower camera move and a tighter shot on the water would give us a better chance to study the effect.

If it doesn’t hurt your render time too badly, you might turn on OSA.

Well that’s true, but I just put my player into “repeat” and watch it over and over :wink:

Anyway, it’s more than the caustics (fake caustics used here, no photons), the reflection of the water surface varies with viewing angle ( you see the bottom at first, but as the camera lowers you only see surface reflections). That’s why the camera moves.
It would be nice to do a really realistic water, but it’s hard. Many factors at play.

Very nice from what I can tell, though I do agree that a tighter shot would be nicer for seeing the effect itself.