Hello, I am fairly new to blender and I am making an animated video. It is a lego like version of Pirate of the Caribbean and one of the main problems I have encountered was landscape. The landscape has a lot of sand, mountains, cliffs, and water. A LOT of water. I really need an effective way to make waves for when the ship sails. I do not think water physical simulation will work. Are there any tutorials for these?

for real wave you 'll ahve to use fluid simulation
then the boat or ship become an obstacle and you should see nice waves

but you need to practice to get good results

otherwise need to fake it with other trick in blender!

good luck

Remember, the fluid simulator has some kind of limit, like 10 meters or something. So it is not necessarily great for large bodies of water. Standard particles can be used for water falls. Use different techniques for different scenes. I am attaching a stormy kind of ocean that you could vertex parent a ship or boat to. The boat would then follow the crest of the waves.

Also, a fluid simulation can be found here of water beating against a rock.


ras_wave_source_1a.blend (831 KB)

you can ways to fake it at COG site

it’s a good fake but it wont really show ships acting as obstacles for the waves
but it’s a good approximation for it

but nice 2 D waves which might looks close to real thing

but can you explain how you do the Vertex parenting for ship to follow crest of waves for instance - i remember this long time ago but don’t remember detail for it

happy 2.5

since it’s with lego’s what about toon-ish water? Check out some footage from Zelda: Wind Waker:

everything is 2d waves (I think there’s some 3d deforms in the game but that’s for whirlpools & the like), including the ones the boats/baddies make. Very nice looking.