Water Cooler Confessions: A short

This is a little short I made a while ago, but I didnt get much feedback in the WIP forums…
A conversation of a couple of working joes…not very funny, but thats how it goes…
All Opinions and C&C welcome. Thanks!

oh yeah, and any opinions of funniness…er, well theyre welcome.

That was hilarious! Keep 'em coming! Nice touches with the water cooler bubbles, too.

Thanks, wasnt sure about the comedic value :slight_smile:

I watched it again, and the only thing I can crit is that the audio sounds a little muffled and unclear in a couple of places. Other than that, I loved it. So will there be a part 2? :slight_smile:

Yeah, I recorded the audio with a crappy mic in my kitchen :slight_smile:
Ill probably make a part two, but Im currently In the middle of a project…
But there will be one.

Is that your voice, Drew?
Man, what a great voice :smiley:
The actors looked kinda crap to me, to be frank, but it was rather funny.
The water cooler looked rather cool, though. :wink:

Yeah, Im the voice for both of them.
The animation on this one was junky, way to fast and busy looking.
Teh characters were ultra simple, I made them in like 5 minutes each…maybe :slight_smile:
Yeah, I liked the water cooler the best, it looked a lot better than i thought it would.
Thanks man

It’s a really cool animation! Congratulations