water dragon/lizard type creature.

Hi. I was messing around with Blender and just started modeling from a cube with no real goal in mind and this is what I have so far. I kind of like now he has turned out so far and plan on rigging him and trying an animated short or test with him after I’ve finished modeling. I basically need to finish the jaw. I just duplicated the bottom of the head and split it and used that as the bases of the jaw. I haven’t reconnected it back yet. I also plan on doing something more with the wingtip to make it look a bit more like a hand. Textures are just basic ideas of how it might look. I plan on UV unwrapping it and painting textures. Any crits appreciated. Thanks for reading.

I finished the mouth and modified the wings slightly. I don’t know if I like the wings or if I will change them. I think if this were a water creature it would make sense for the wings to face the other way to break through the water. When you uv unwrap are you suppose to apply the mirror modifier first? Thanks for reading.

Cute, hope to see how you texture him, he looks nice right now.

thanks for the reply. I am going to try rigging him first before texturing to see how everything moves first and see if I have to make any changes so that way I am not unwrapping twice. I made a quick model in like 5 minutes to practice rigging on and got stuck fairly quickly. I did it after watching the rigging tutorial on the BBB dvd. So I am going to re watch what I started too of the Mancandy DVD and maybe finish it to see if that helps. When the Mancandy FAQ came out I was in school so didn’t watch much of it. I have another project in mind with a snake so I will probably try to texture it scaly like a snake so when I do the future project I can either reuse the texture or use it as a bases.

It looks really cool. Some of the best images are out of the box!