Water Drop Simulation

I tried posting this in the Composition, Visual Effects & Rendering thread however there does not appear to be a lot of traffic there and this is a question I need resolved urgently and given it is WIP this seemed like an appropriate place.

Basically I am creating a water drop sim for a live action short and I cannot seem to resolve a particular issue.

As you can see in the attached image prior to the droplet actually striking the ground, a small pool of fluid forms before the two connect. Why is this occurring and could any one provide me with a way to solve it? I guess in real time it would not be an issue given the speed of a drop, however to compound the situation the brief calls for a slow motion droplet, which I have created, so it is quite noticeable in the shot, particularly as the final is full HD.

The image displayed here is only at a draft stage, however the domain resolution is around 250 to 300.

Thanking you.


From my experience, upping the resolution of the domain to something closer to 200 should make this go away. Also make sure that you don’t have an unnecessarily large domain, because that will really affect the resolution. Make sure your domain is only as big as you need it to be. Hopefully that will fix your problem.