Water drop

A splash from a single drop of water as it might look captured by high speed camera.


Think this idea would work for a Blender splash?

Oh, excellent! If there’s a chance to get that as a blender splash, I say, go for it!

Man… we’ve got a lot of fantastic entries this time around. I feel sorry for the judges… well, if they were like me, they’d probably go through panic attacks trying to pick out just one.

I don’t quite see any motion. It doesn’t connect to the water surface, and the splash drops are to uniform. It looks more like a crystal sculpture. Work on it, this is a hard image to catch :slight_smile:

looks like “Jacobs” commercial :smiley: nice work

Very nice! I like it. In agreement with Bellorum’s comments, I would add some ripples around the splash point, I think that is what would happen with a real drop - but I’m not sure.

What bellorum said, and I think you should ditch those mini-drops flying above it. Since this is a single drop of water, those are way too small. Also, I think the surface doesn’t look like the splash in terms of the material.

But yeah, touch that up and maybe add an HDRI background and it would make a good entry for the splash contest. 8)

I dunnno… looks about right to me…

Closely comparing the image paroneayea posted with your render, two things I notice: first very small wave “wrinkles” along the lip of the “crown”, and a larger radius where the “crown” meets the flat surface of the water. Some pictures I’ve seen also have a center “spire”, although that may be later along in the splash… looks good, tho! Are you using refraction caustics?

Its too symmetric, but still really cool. Real splashes are less symmetric, try to deform it a little to one side, that might also help the perception of motion.

Hi. Been taking all you advice in to account here and it’s realy a help.

The surface and splash are one mesh, but I think there’s an issue with the materials or lighting that makes the surface look strange. The tiny droplets
are supposed to be there at this stage (according to my reference pics) but I think I will add some more detail to the crown. It has caustics but I need to adjust the lighting. I’ll try it with HDRI. Thanks all.