water drop

I tring to do water drop, like a dew on the blade. I dont know, what should I do to make it like a water drop.


An tring also dispersion effect, see at: http://temp.xite.ru/drop_shot_3.jpg
otherwise, I am not so glad of results.

both images looked fine to me, perhaps you could explain in more detail what effect it is that you are trying to get?

I think it should look like something like this.


Nixite, I think you need a one image in reflection and one in refraction.
In to the “world” a one map that would be almost 100% what reflects on
the water drop and on the plane is the map that refracts ofcourse.
Then more reflection effect than refract in the settings, so you get close
to the sample image. IOR 1.5 for glass maybe it is close to that on
water too.IOR index of refraction