Water drops on a bottle

I want to render an image of water drops which are placed as if they were hanging on a bottle. So I’d probably render only the pass of the drops, and not the bottle. The question is how am I going to place dozens of water drops realistically on the bottle? It would be great to kind of “paint” them on the surface of the water bottle, maybe that is somehow possible with the particle system? Any suggestions?

I would use the compositing nodes. I am a noob, so if I’m wrong I hope to be corrected. I would render all of my frames to a avi so i have 2 avi’s, the bottle and the drops, and plug it in some nodes.

You might be able to get an effect like that out of the particles system. You “should” (not sure here) be able to weight paint the parts you want, and set the emitter speed to 0 in the object and normals, and set a relatively low particle count (50?). Than you could set the particles to display as an object. I would do that, apply the particles system in the modifiers, and then hand model the drops to a nice size.

You could also try the fluid system, but I don’t think that would work well here.

Hope it helps!