Water Drops

I havebeen doing models latly with water drops included. And i have tried zome different techniques of which some havnt worked. Can you maybe give me some input on doing it an easier way?

  1. I tried to make a normal and a displacement map of a water drop texture on a window and then put it all together. It turned out that i craetes a moon like surface because it calculates the drops wrong (propably the reflection)

  2. Particle effect: I just used a group of random made drops and put them as particles with random size. It turns out when you have a transperent object, that you can see the full 3d modell of your drop when you just want the upper half of it. And it also looks odd when two particles are inside of eachother.

  3. Partice effect with Meta-Ball. Turns out i somehow cant use the metaBall as a particle object.

Any tips and tricks? #2 turned out best for me so far (but i had to work on the render result a little.

did you look at Blender guru tut?
he has one for rain drops on a window
might give some ideas

happy cl