Water Effect


What would be the best way of creating a water effect? For example games like Driv3r and GTA Vice city, have a nice water effect. How could i create something similar a long those lines? Would this go under animation, well sort of? As well Modelling too. Could i get that similar effect i want with blender 3D? Or would i say have to create my own little game with that effect, like those two examples.


Try asking in the game engine forum. From your screen shot the water looks like a video tile while the ripples and splashes look like particles infused with fog. A clearly defined boundary can be seen around the boat which is probably used to trigger the particles and other effects.

Here’s a tutorial on fluid simulation, but it’s probably notnot what you’re looking for. Still, it may help you with some other effects in your game.

There’s a Water plugin here: