Water Effects?

Hey guys… I’m trying to get that water effect down where the water is bluer as it goes out to the horizon and darker as the plane is closer to the camera.


Notice the water is darker closer to the camera? How can this be done if it is possible with blender? Oh and is there a way to fake reflections?

Thanks :smiley:

I’ve been experimenting with this myself, you can go some way to achieving it by using mist and colouring the texture you use under the water. I’ve had no luck with reflections yet though. This is how far I’ve got.




Your game keep’s looking better and better :wink: How did you do the boat wakes? With “pseudo” particles? Although I’ve abandoned the blender version of my ship’s sim I got the water to look pretty decent before I gave up. I’ll have to post a screen later… (BTW, latest sim using a commercial engine is looking -amazing-).

this is possiple , copy the object mirror them and if there is a need flip there normals

if you want a blend tell me

3DGURU, Yeah I’ve tried that and it works well on the environment but it won’t work for the characters…

Maybe someone should make a script or something that adds a second camera below the water and flips its image and maybe adds a motion blur to it? :slight_smile: Maybe that might work:confused: