Water Fall

(azrael) #1

Here is a water fall I’ve been working on .


I’d like to here how I could make the water fall look better, and any other part of it as well. :slight_smile:

(BgDM) #2

Where the waterfall starts, it appears to be too far down the cliff side. Should be more at the top. Just looks that way. Not sure why.

Make some water turbulance at the bottom. It’s too clean at the bottom.

The cliff is nicely textured. Procedural or an image?


(azrael) #3

True with the top I’ll fix that … thanx :slight_smile:

The cliff is an image …
I could not seem to get the Procedural to give me the right look, though I am still trying.
Any one want to share some Procedural secrets??

(LX) #4

Looks good, but the falls look like they get misty right at the top. I think it may look better if it was liquid most of the way down, with a big mist cloud at the bottom.

All the rest of it looks really first rate!


(rixtr66) #5

looks pretty good,waterfalls aint easy!maybe try getting rid of the blocky look around the edge of the water,alittle turbulence at the bottom of the falls would be good too,nice!


(dreamsgate) #6

there seems to be a little too much mist, maybe just some at the bottom and up just a little.

(hannibar) #7

Good start, but make the water a little whiter, it’s way to blue now.