Water falling off object?

Trying to figure out the proper way to do this I’m trying to have an object immerse slowly from the water like something like the film Battleship when the ship comes out of the water I’m trying to have water fall off the object when it immerses kind of a bit like the foam I currently have the object under Dynamic paint also activated Dynamic paint source and turned on particle system I’m sure I’m heading the right direction with this any help will be appreciated.

Hey Babyfarkmcgezax*

It’s a little hard to give any feedback here. I’m not certain where you’re having problems. You’ve explained what you want to achieve (object rising out of water) and that you intend to use particles to try and achieve this…but what exactly is the problem you’re having?

*The dolphins called. They want their fish back.

To have an object emerge slowly from the water like in Battleship will require the use of Blender’s fluid system along with particles and dynamic paint and probably whatever divine entity you believe in. A really powerful cpu will probably also be helpful :stuck_out_tongue: