Water, Fire, Earth

Hi, Gog here.

Some of you may have realised that Earth, Fire and Water, play an important part in my Cog Project production. I have already posted a number of water examples in this forum. Now its time for Fire.

http://www.cogfilms.com/flame-concept1.html (Quicktime 890Kb)

This little experiment was produced very simply. No particles, no python, no special version, just plain Blender 2.34. It is probably possible in versions back to 2.28.

I shall create a tutorial soon.


That looks very nice. Possible crit, I think I saw a hint of green in the flames maybe due to some blending of colours but still, very realistic.

I think there are quite a lot of different styles of fire - it would be nice if you could do a variety of flame types. Y’know, the fire in the clip would maybe represent a forest fire but a match or candle would look different.

I really like your work, it’s great to see people making Blender do more advanced stuff.

Definitely interested in the tutorial. Those flames looked great.


Definitely would like to see a tutorial on this. I’ve been bemoaning the fact that I’ve not seen a way to make REALLY convincing mass fire. I’m working on a dragon and am trying to think of how to make the breath. :wink: I have ideas, but I want to see your tutorial first. :wink:

Thanks for the crit on the colour cast osxrules. You know I hadn’t noticed it that much until your post. It now appears very green. Although I will be using a similar flame effect in one sequence of my movie, I will leave the concept as is at the moment and resolve that blending problem when I create the actual sequence. In terms of other flame types, match, candle, ect, I kind of limit what I produce to those things required for the movie. Time is such a precious commodity. However, I do need a candle flame eventually so will work on that at some point.

I have re-edited the movie to create a cyclic animation and thus reduced its size to 890Kb. I have also now provided a link on my website.

Several tutorials coming, just as soon as I complete the second cog revealed trailer.


I have uploaded a dark background example of the flames.

http://www.cogfilms.com/ (Cog Project homepage)

http://www.cogfilms.com/flame-concept2.html (direct link)


Another tutorial of yours the ocean waves
help me alot to begin a very good project.
Please write a tut for the fire.
And you are a good writer too!!!

thanks in advance


Well as requested I have now produced a candle flame concept. This is a concept for a prop used in ‘Cog Revealed #2’ so it was time to have a go.

Although I used a particle, with force effect, to create the candle flame. I simply produced an avi of the flame then mapped it to the candle top. This way it’s possible to create variations of flame that can be used many times in a production without having the render time constraint of using a particle emitter in the real scene.

I’ve also used selective glow on the flame from the sequence editor although I will need to play with this to create the teaser desired effect.

http://www.cogfilms.com/candle-concept1.html (Direct link 405kb Quicktime)


Thanks for that, it looks nice. I especially like the glowing wick and the flickering shadows. The flame looks a bit CG but you could even use a film of a real candle flame instead of the CG one or just have a single image and warp it in a 2D editor over a series of frames and use it as an image sequence - that might be easier to get it to loop. Mixing movie clips into a render is a very useful tip for faster renders.

how do you do that?

It would look better if the wax was running.