Water floating over my Obstacle mesh

Hey guys,

i have a little question:
I want to make a cave with water in it but the water floats a few units over the cave mesh.
The mesh is set to obstacle with shell volume initalization and standard settings.
The normals are already recalculated and set to inside, the cave mesh is basicly a icosphere.
Now my question is how to fix it so that the water behaves like real water contacting the ground.

I hope somebody can help me.

Dr. Console

Does the obstacle have any modifiers etc that would, if so get rid of them
Increase fluid resolution, ensure you don’t waste your resolution with large domain or weird object scales from sloppy modelling.

Move the obstacle (or proxy object) down for fluid baking then move it up for rendering

Do you want the fluid to do something ? If not, why use the fluid sim to begin with ?

Hey, thanks for reply.
I have already applyed the modifiers, resulution is at 120, domain is as smal as possible, and the scalings are even normal (1 in every direction).
The idea with moving the obstacle is a good one, i will try it.
In fact i only want a little puddle or pond inside the cave, so i used the fluid sim for an realistic ans (more or less) easy result.

Dr. Console

How small is the domain? What are its dimensions? That looks awfully chunky for 120.

The dimensions are 11.561 meters in every direction.

Edit: I have scaled it down on the z axis to be 4.391 meters now but water is still flying over the mesh.

And what’s the Real World Size value on that simulation? 11 meters is larger than the largest Real World Size possible, so you’re already faking the size. I think it’s time to see a .blend file.

Realworld size is automaticly adjusted because i’m working with meters as size units, so its not manualy adjustable.
Scale for meters is 1.0
I can’t send the .blend , because i can’t upload it… it seams to upload it, then it stops without an error message…

Try posting it to pasteall.org/blend/ and sharing the link here.