Water Flower

I thought about posting this on finished projects, but i figured i’d probably work on it more after i posted it so i’m posting it here instead to here your feedback on what i could add and what i should change!

There are some ugly, strange pixels in the background on the flowers, i couldn’t figure out why it was there, any ideas?

Also i need a better name… Obviously! : p


Wow. I really like this one! Generally I have no understanding 4 modern art at all, but I kinda like surrealistic stuff. You might wanna add some (more) SSS to those “flowers”, I could imagine this to make it a bit more…, well just kinda better;).
And another idea: What 'bout some,- I’d say either huge mushrooms or huge jellyfish - hovering in the sky, rather distant, some more remote than others and on different altitudes. I’d imagine those mushrooms/jellyfish being pink. I usually don’t like such weired colours like pink or neon yellow, but imho it’d fit just perfectly, in this case.
If it was jellyfish, those could also be like heavily translucent, almost transparent. Might look cool. Anyways, I’m not sure, how to properly achieve such an effect with the internal renderer. Could get hard to make that work:spin:.
Apart from that, I’ve found some nice jellyfish-images 4 you, so you see what I mean:
I guess I can’t help you 'bout your strange-pixels-problem, I’m sorry. Could only guess… maybe some OSA-related issue? You might have a try changing the OSA-filter, increasing OSA, using FSA instead or rendering it 4 times as big without (or less) OSA while scaling it down afterwards. Only if you should happen not to have tried all that already.
A better name… well what 'bout “Lotus Dei” (which would mean someting like “divine lotus” afaik, even though my knowledge of latin is pretty much limited to some quotations of cesar…) but that’s probably too much of a pathetic & ridiculous wordplay (derrived from “opus dei” -> “work of god”).
greetings, Kologe

The flower looks kinda weird but I like the colors of the render. Pretty solid job in my opinion.The flowers look like some kind of monsters or something =)

Thanks for taking the time for such a great response! Those jellyfishes would fit perfectly in with the picture, and you’re right, it will be hard to achieve, but i’m gonna try!

Anyone got any idea on how to make jellyfish materials and textures? I’m having a hard time with it, not getting any results, still trying though.

I’m really glad you like the jellyfish-idea. And well, about the material-problem, I’d probably try 2 do it using composite-nodes. Using “classical” material-settings probably won’t lead too far. So you could perhaps set something up, involving heavy SSS-usage or the-like, put it into a seperate renderlayer and achieve the translucency-effect mainly by a corresponding node-setup (using alpha-over or something). Apart from that, a halo-material might help. You have that “X-Alpha”-option there (guess it’s called like that), allowing 4 extremeley low alpha-values. This might eventually save you. And to achieve a homogenous look of the jellyfish (so that the density of the halos ain’t depending on the density of the mesh etc.), I’d recommend using a particle-system & giving it the halo-mat, while not rendering the emitter & setting the particle-emission on “Faces”+“Random”, so that the emitted particles are evenly distibuted all over the mesh. Apart from that, I guess all I can do is whishing ya good luck!
greetings, Kologe