Water flowing and hitting rocks

Hello, I need to make something similar to this:

Not that much movement needed on the water, just enough to tell that it is flowing and maybe hitting a couple of rocks.

I was wondering if a liquid simulation was the best way to go at it or if anyone knew what would be a good procedure to get similar results.

My computer isn’t very potent so preferably a method that doesn’t involve cycles would be the best for me, I’m using blender 2.9

Thank you

How realistic do you want it? Like what you want is possible but how realistic you want it is how difficult and time consuming it would be. But yes, fluid simulation with mantaflow and maybe some particles and collision objects but all of it would be pretty time and resource heavy

Thank you for your reply

I wanted something a bit realistic, or realistic enough to look like it from a distance.

I did manage to do something with mantaflow but I’m having trouble to look the foam and spray look realistic enough, I’m using ico-spheres for them, is there an alternative? or what is the appropiate way to use them?

Just to be clear I’m only interested in the water hitting the rocks, the rest of the scenery isn’t important

For viewing from the distance you may want to try out Dynamic Painting set to wave and throwing in some rocks… This may serve your needs…